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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Setting the gateway when configuring a Unikernel

Hi Adam,

On 3/25/19 6:59 PM, Adam Steen wrote:

Hi All

I am attempt to add a unikernel to my 192.168.0.*/24 network, but when I 
configure it with

mirage configure -t hvt --dhcp=false --ipv4=

mirage configure -t hvt --dhcp=false --ipv4= --ipv4-gateway=

the unikernel tries to send the response via, how do i configure the 

For bonus points; i would like to use --dhcp=true in the future, but would i 
then use a tun device and not a tap device and add the tun device to a virtual 
switch which has a dhcp server attached?

Sorry, I have to confess to a total lack of memory on how to do this; I test all the DHCP stuff via Xen.  Probably someone else has set this up recently, though?


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