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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Need help adding a custom module (for GPIO) to Solo5 & MirageOS


On Tuesday, 08.10.2019 at 00:01, Hugues Fafard wrote:
> What I've done in the 'solo5' repository:
> [...]
> What I've done in the 'mirage-solo5' repository:
> [...]
> What I've done in the 'mirage-gpio' repository:
> [...]
> What I've done in the 'mirage-gpio-solo5' repository:
> [...]

That all seems reasonable.

Just a note from the Solo5 perspective; be aware that a primary goal of
Solo5 is to include APIs which are portable across multiple host targets.
So, it's unlikely that a "Linux-GPIO-specific" API would be merged into the
main Solo5 code. Of course, I've not actually seen what your changes are
(see below).

> I've thrown all of the code together into a monorepo for the time being,
> which is available at
> https://github.com/Antagonym/mirage-gpio
> so you can have a look for yourselves.

Unfortunately, since you've moved things around by putting them into a
monorepo, that makes it hard to click on "compare" to see what your actual
changes to the origin repositories are, so I can't comment on the code.

I suggest sticking to forks of the original repositories if you'd like
others to be able to easily review/comment on your code.

> I'm fairly certain that it's correct up to and including the changes to
> the 'mirage-solo5' repository. I think the issue is probably in the
> 'mirage-gpio' or 'mirage-gpio-solo5' repos. Or maybe I have to tweak the
> 'mirage' repo too? This is where it gets fuzzy, escpecially since I
> can't OCAML. (Best approximation is Haskell, which is the only other
> function language I've worked with so far)

Based on your description, I'm not quite sure what "the issue" is, but yes,
you will need to add some support in the `mirage` front-end tool, and
presumably some glue/types elsewhere in `mirage/mirage`, but I'm not an
expert on those either.


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