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Re: [Predisclosure-applications] Xen predisclosure application: Wavecon GmbH

On Fri, 2015-03-13 at 13:26 +0100, Sebastian Pipping wrote:
> > A brief description of why you fit the criteria
> Wavecon does not fit the 300k definition of "large-scale users" but is
> a public hosting provider with >100 Xen hypervisors.

My reading of the security policy (and other members of the Xen Project
Security team agree) is that this 300K number applies only to
applications by "Large-scale organisational users of Xen" whereas you
are applying as a "Public hosting provider".

Therefore your application appears to all be in order.

> > The single (non-personal) email alias you wish added to the
> > predisclosure list.
> security(at)wavecon(dot)de

Added. You should have received a subscription notification. There are
no currently embargoed advisories so I have not sent you any copies of


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