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Re: [Publicity] Xen Project T-shirt Design for XenSummit

On 19/08/13 12:34, Lars Kurth wrote:

I just didn't have any taglines. We could re-use the design and use a different tag-line:

how about "Est. 2003" (on the top), "2013 Developer Summit" (on the bottom) or use one of the following
- My VMs stay up all night, so I don’t need to
-  My free software, runs your company (done this already)

- Go away or I will replace you with a very small VM (done this already)

I think "Est 2003" is pretty cool actually. :-)

"My free software runs your company" *is* a theme I think we want to hammer in; whether we use it for this XenSummit or not, I think we should use it for at least 3-4 more events sometime in the next few years.

Not sure whether it matches the bottle cap theme, though. :-)


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