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Re: [Publicity] Debconf 13 draft blog post

On 27/08/13 17:29, Ian Jackson wrote:
I've saved this in wordpress, but here is a copy to read:


I've recently returned from the Debian Conference, <a
href="http://debconf13.debconf.org/";>Debconf 13</a>, in Vaumarcus in
Switzerland.  My colleague Ian Campbell joined me there.

We had an excellent time and spent rather too much of it staring at
the amazing view of Lake Neuchatel.  Debian's 20th birthday party was
not to be missed either.

This year's Debconf found a substantial offering of cloudy topics on
the schedule.  One major theme was the ways in which Debian are
working on better integration with the big public clouds, for example
by providing ready-to-use images.

Of particular interest for Xen was <a
Goirand's talk on the integration between OpenStack's various

I think I would put the link just around "talk", or perhaps just around "integration between Openstack's various components".

Overall it seems a bit boring; but I can't quite figure out why, as it does have some interesting stuff.

There seems to be quite a bit in here that's just about your experience, which people who don't know about you won't really care about very much. I think maybe if you gave a bit more facts -- what is debconf? who comes? what goes on there? and maybe a few more examples of how Debian is working for better integration with big public clouds.


OpenStack is a complicated piece of software which has
been difficult to install and get running.  Thomas, who runs a
Xen-based <a href="http://www.gplhost.com/";>public cloud provider</a>,
has been working to make the installation process smoother using
Debian's configuration management systems.

For me, an interesting topic was the continuing difficulty of
integration between the Debian archive (Debian's primary software
repository) and git, and after a session in the bar with Joey Hess and
others I wrote <a href="http://packages.debian.org/sid/dgit";>a tool to
help with that</a>.

Debconf is always a highlight of my year and I look forward to next
year's in Portland.

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