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Re: [Publicity] Debconf 13 draft blog post

George Dunlap writes ("Re: [Publicity] Debconf 13 draft blog post"):
> On 27/08/13 17:29, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > Of particular interest for Xen was <a
> > href="http://penta.debconf.org/dc13_schedule/events/1031.en.html";>Thomas
> > Goirand's talk on the integration between OpenStack's various
> > components</a>.
> I think I would put the link just around "talk", or perhaps just around 
> "integration between Openstack's various components".

I've shortened the link.

> Overall it seems a bit boring; but I can't quite figure out why, as it 
> does have some interesting stuff.
> There seems to be quite a bit in here that's just about your experience, 
> which people who don't know about you won't really care about very 
> much.  I think maybe if you gave a bit more facts -- what is debconf? 
> who comes?  what goes on there?  and maybe a few more examples of how 
> Debian is working for better integration with big public clouds.

I'm sorry it's boring :-/.  I've tried to improve it in the ways you
suggest.  I agree it still doesn't sound riveting.


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