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[Publicity] Xen Project Virtualization Dev Room Proposal for FOSDEM 14

Devroom name: (Xen Project) Virtualization Dev Room Description: Open source virtualization projects today share some common components (e.g. QEMU, Linux kernel drivers, PVOPS, ...) and common challenges (e.g. UEFI and secure boot, NUMA, ARMv7 and 64 bit ARMv8 and Intel Atom C2000). Since the addition of ARM support to Xen 4.3, we have seen additional momentum for virtualization in the mobile segment (virtualization for Android), automotive segment (virtualization for In-Vehicle Infotainment solutions as well as Controller Area Network/ CAN and Ethernet Audio Video Bridging/AVB) and networking segments (networking appliances). These are likely to create new and interesting challenges and collaboration opportunities around open source virtualization in 2014.

The Xen Project - a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project - is aiming to host 
a virtualization related development room that allows virtualization
related projects to come together and provide a meeting point where developers 
of these projects can meet to reinforce their cooperation.

Project URLs
 - http://xenproject.org
 - http://qemu.org
 - http://linaro.org
 - http://tianocore.sourceforge.net
 - http://nss.cs.ubc.ca/remus/

Preferred day: No preference

Further information:
* I was planning to make a joint submission with other projects,
  however due to my travel schedule, I have not been able to coordinate.
  For this reason, I am making a separate submission, expecting these
  will be merged.
* I believe there is a need at the moment to discuss some of the more lower
  level issues developer-to-developer that are close to the hardware and kernel
  compared to previous years
* In 2012, several virt and cloud related rooms were merged, which was good
  for exposure and connecting to the user base, but not so good for actual
  dev-to-dev collaboration and problem solving. A separate virtualization
  dev room as in 2013, would be preferable.

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