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Re: [Publicity] Xen 4.4 features for press release

On 16/12/13 14:15, George Dunlap wrote:
> Below is the list of features in 4.4, explained as may be suitable for a
> press release.  Let me know if you have any corrections or improvements.
>  -George
> * Non-Linux driver domains.  One of Xen's unique features is that it
> is designed to run drivers inside of VMs, allowing better performance,
> security, and flexibility.  Until now, however, the core driver domain
> functionality required udev, which is only available in Linux.  This
> has been replaced with a daemon, allowing arbitrary OSes to be
> used as driver domains.

This is not exactly true. The removal of udev from driver domains was
done so that Linux driver domains could use Qdisk backends. FreeBSD
doesn't require either udev or the libxl driver daemon in order to work
as a driver domain since everything is handled inside of the kernel (and
of course doesn't support Qdisk).

> * Experimental support for PVH mode for guests.  PVH mode combines the
> best elements of HVM and PV into a mode which allows Xen to take
> advantage of many of the hardware virtualization features without
> needing the overhead of simulating an entire physical computer. This
> will allow for increased efficiency, as well as reduced footprint in
> Linux going forward.
       ^ and FreeBSD

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