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[Publicity] Docker Open Source Container Virtualization on the Rise


Below is VARGuy coverage of the latest Docker release. (1.0 version is expected in April.) With these new releases, supposedly Docker can now "meet the demands of cloud computing and PaaS solutions." They are positioning it as the next logical step for PaaS, pigeon-holing hypervisors as only beneficial to IaaS.

The article goes on to say: "Unlike the virtualization hypervisors that power most virtual servers today, Docker doesn't virtualize an entire operating system. Instead, it provides virtualized application containers that run on top of a "bare-metal" host operating system. By virtualizing at the application level, Docker can offer greater portability, efficiency and security."


An article from Dec. 2013:


Some additional messaging from their web site:

Seven months after launching, the Docker ecosystem is expanding rapidly: Docker has been downloaded over 200,000 times, has received over 7,500 Github stars, and is receiving contributions from more than 200 community developers. Over 2,500 "Dockerized" applications are now available at the Docker public index, and third party projects and partnerships built on top of Docker span PaaS, operating systems, hosting services, CI platforms, and more. Over 50 user-created case studies are available from companies such as eBay, Cloudflare, Rackspace/Mailgun, Yandex, Cambridge Health Care, and RelateIQ.

I suggest we finesse our messaging against container technologies like Docker, which are gaining traction in the press right now. Feedback from the AB on this point would be appreciated. It will likely be a question that comes up in the near future. We could also try to piggy-back any Docker 1.0 coverage that might be coming out in the April timeframe, offering reporters a counter opinion/view on containers vs. virtualization, etc.


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