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Re: [Wg-openstack] [Wg-test-framework] Minutes: May Xen+Libvirt OpenStack monthly meeting (was held in June)

Hi all, 
just a quick update on my actions.

ACTION(Stefano, Lars): Arrange meeting with John Garbutt - done
ACTION(Lars): look into this via the website - developer program. Create
account. - done and set up
ACTION(Lars): to figure out how to bill this against the project - done
and set up

@Ant: you mentioned I maybe should let you know the account name?

ACTION (Lars): to talk to Bob/Antony re docs

Action(Lars): see whether we can add a list or alias to launchpad


On 03/06/2015 18:00, "Lars Kurth" <lars.kurth@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>= Attendees =
>Lars Kurth
>Stefano Stabellini, Anthony Perard, Bob Baall (Citrix)
>Jim Fehlig (Suse)
>Antony Messerli - short Ant (Rackspace)
>Konrad Wilk , Micahel Glasgow (Oracle)
>= Agenda =
>* OpenStack Summit recap (if needed)
>Bob: BoF we managed was well attended - was mostly a presentation. But we
>did manage to get to discuss
>Bob: Did meet with a few key people who operate CI loops
>Stefano: Discussion on Definition of Hypervisor support Matrix - no
>decisions were made
>Stefano: Intention is to have a more fine-grained quality status
>Stefano: We are in group B and will stay there in the near future
>Jim: Is Xen + Libvirt in support group B
>Bob: Yes, correct
>Stefano: next action is to talk to John Garbutt to figure out criteria to
>move to group A
>Bob: John is going to get in touch with Lars
>ACTION(Stefano, Lars): Arrange meeting with John Garbutt
>* Transfer of account to Xen Project
>Bob let me know the costs for running the CI loop and I would like move
>the CI loop to a Xen Project account. I would like to understand the
>practical issues and put together a rough plan. That is within the
>Advisory Board's budget.
>Server cost for Feb 21 to Mar 21: $1223
>Server cost for Mar 21 to Apr 21: $1744 â but thatâs end-of-cycle rush so
>would be higher than normal traffic.
>Then there is a small extra cost for cloud files storage and CDN, but I
>canât split that out but estimate $50 per month.
>On average Iâd guess that might be $1,500 per month or maybe $18k
>Steps needed:
>Bob: 1st step is to get the accounts set up
>Bob: Once accounts are set up, this is going to be straight forward and
>move things over
>Bob: Not going to move over, but just transfer credentials in the source
>Ant: We do have a developer plan without support
>Bob: Is not quite sure, usage is pretty straight forward (spinning stuff
>up and down)
>Ant: Thinks we probably won't need support
>Bob: Mostly control plane issues, but no general config issues
>ACTION(Lars): look into this via the website - developer program. Create
>ACTION(Lars): to figure out how to bill this against the project
>Bob: Need to transfer repository credentials into a public xenbits repo
>Lars: IanJ & IanC can set this up
>* Open Bugs / Fixing Bugs / Fixing Races
>A) Find a fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1445443
>(related to the two tests we disabled)
>Bob: Have this disabled, there is a fix in the upstream kernel
>Bob: Not something in our environment
>Bob: Should we try and get the fix into the environment or carry on with
>disabled tests
>AnthonyP: Have a fix with an unreleased kernel
>*Plan, leave in launchpad until the next Ubuntu Release. *
>*Make clear that we do not intend to do anything until there is a released
>version of the kernel*
>B) Older open bugs that need attention:
>ug_commenter= (some are feature wishlist items)
>Bob: 2 of the low ones are interesting
>Bob: #1450465 vif name too long when libvirt driver trying to create XEN
>HVM domain <https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1450465> - neutron
>related, which we have to fix if we want to go to neutron
>Bob: Wishlist - not necessarily needed for group B & A
>Jim: read-only mode should work, so this is a bug that ought to be fixed
>Stefano: it looks as if we need to fix some of these
>Bob: Should we document Xen+Libvirt support in OpenStack manuals
>Lars: happy to pick up docs stuff if someone is willing to work with me.
>Can also rope in Russell
>ACTION (Lars): to talk to Bob/Antony re docs
>https://bugs.launchpad.net/tempest/+bug/1443898 - has an unaccepted patch.
>Lars: do we need to ping people to get it looked at
>Bob: Has a -1, so we may need to address feedback first
>AnthonyP: send link to patch to include  (patch 180161,
>Races / Intermittent test failures
>Bob: Instabilities in CI environment. Antony has discovered two classes of
>errors in the CI results, which are races which have not yet been created
>AnthonyP: Nova / Network interaction when we create a guest via libvirt /
>xl - sometimes the script fails, leading to test failures. Not sure how to
>Lars: should we CC Jim when there are libvirt related issues.
>Bob: thinks it is possible to add a list / alias to launchpad (try)
>*Agree to CC Jim and Konrad when new issues are discovered.*
>Jim: highlighted that one of the bugs also fails OSSTEST (qemu doesn't
>Jim: Has been trying to reproduce it locally.
>AnthonyP: Also been trying to reproduce, with little success
>Bob: Don't have a reproduction case
>Lars: Does it make sense for Jim and Antony to work together
>Jim: Has a patch that may fix the issue (cleans up ref counting in the
>driver - something similar was done in the qemu driver, as qemu had
>similar issues)
>Jim: has the patch and has tested it - test has run for days
>Action(Lars): see whether we can add a list or alias to launchpad
>Action(Jim): send patch to Antony directly (because Jim is on vacation)
>* Knowledge sharing - I need to agree date and set up the meeting
>fell through the cracks
>Action(Bob): pick up the thread again and agree time
>Action(Bob): add Michael Glasgow to xen-devel@ thread
>* Switching to Neutron
>Bob: world is moving away from nova network to neutron
>Bob: What is the plan - do we have a plan - on moving to neutron
>AnthonyP: #1450465 vif name too long when libvirt driver trying to create
>XEN HVM domain <https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1450465> is blocking
>move to neutron
>*Agreement, try and fix the bug and see whether this will fix neutron
>support as a first step*
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