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Re: [Wg-openstack] Xen+Libvirt OpenStack monthly June meeting

On 07/01/2015 08:53 AM, Lars Kurth wrote:
Jim, Bob,

I addressed the review comments you both made, except for some of the
XenServer related stuff. Please find attached a new version.

In the opening paragraph of "Xen via Libvirt" section, second sentence: 'This section...' instead of 'This document...'.

The second paragraph of "PV vs HVM guests" mentions dom0 must be running in PV mode. Do you think that sentence is necessary? It implies dom0 could run in HVM mode, or that it is possible to switch dom0 between PV and HVM mode. To my knowledge, that's not the case.

I'm a bit rusty on nova and glance, but I think the 'nova image-meta set ...' and 'glance image-update ...' do the same thing: update the image metadata in the glance image service. If so, I think it should be clarified. I'd suggest the following for this part of "PV vs HVM guests":

In OpenStack, customer VMs may run in either PV or HVM mode. The mode is a property of the operating system image used by the VM, and is changed by adjusting the image metadata stored in the glance image service. The image metadata can be changed using the nova or glance commands.

To choose one of the HVM modes (HVM, HVM with PV Drivers or PVHVM) use nova or glance to set the vm_mode property to hvm

$ nova image-meta img-uuid set vm_mode=hvm
$ glance image-update img-uuid --property vm_mode=hvm

To chose PV mode, which is supported by NetBSD, FreeBSD and Linux, use nova or glance to set the vm_mode property to xen (short for xen-pv mode)

$ nova image-meta img-uuid set vm_mode=xen
$ glance image-update img-uuid --property vm_mode=xen

The "Image Metadata" section would need a slight adjustment too, e.g.:

5. Image Metadata: In addition to the vm_mode property discussed above, the hypervisor_type property is another important component of the image metadata, especially if your cloud contains mixed hypervisor compute nodes. Setting the hypervisor_type property allows the nova scheduler to select a compute node running the specified hypervisor when launching instances of the image. Image metadata such as vm_mode, hypervisor_type, architecture, and others can be set when importing the image to glance. The metatdata can also be changed using the nova or glance commands:

$ nova image-meta img-uuid set hypervisor_type=xen vm_mode=hvm
$ glance image-update img-uuid --property hypervisor_type=xen --property 

* Added link to Xen/libvirt section from XenServer docs
 From page 236:
* Added references to SLE and openSuse
* Clarified Xen Boot Options (bullet 1 & 2) under Additional Configuration
* Added bullet 4 "Image Formats" to Additional Configuration Options
* Added bullet 5 "Image Metatdata" to Additional Configuration Options
* Added a troubleshooting section - I don't have more knowledge at this
stage to add more detail

I think the troubleshooting section is a good start (after mentioning the nova-compute.log suggested by Anthony). It can always be amended later as experience is gained through bug reports.


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