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[Wg-openstack] Meeting Minutes 2015-12-16


- Xen Project CI-loop health and status
- OpenStack in OSSTest
- updates on old actions:
  - Bob sync-up with Alexey
  - migration with OpenStack, Libvirt and Xen
  - Tempest tests which explicitly name "vda"

Stefano, Anthony, Bob, Joao, Antony, Michael (joining late because of
issues with the US call number)


During the last few months we had a few CI-loop failures, some of them
are due to broken upstream, but a couple of them are due to the Xen
Project CI-loop being unable to upload logs.  A failure of uploading the
logs causes a job fail; in addition you have no logs.  We upload the
logs differently from Infra. We use swift, which is far cheaper than
running your own webserver. We have a set of scripts that can be used to
upload the logs. Every day nodepool generates a new image. We always use
the latest. When we come to creating a node, we take a snapshot of that
image. The problem is that if we generate an image at 2PM, at 4PM a new
version of a package is released and when we come to run a test at 6PM,
we try to install the scripts to upload the logs, which depend on the
new package. There is going to be a conflict.

Possible fix: install scripts at image creation time?
Install packages depending on the original install time version rather
than the last?
There might be other ways to fix this.

ACTION: Anybody could help on this?

Overall the Xen Project CI-loop is pretty healthy. 90% pass of the last
100 builds. The 10% includes genuine failures. Occasional complaints
about failures on IRC.

Anthony is working on adding a test for OpenStack on top of xen-unstable
in OSSTest. The test is a full Tempest run. It is a baremetal install.
It is making progress.

- Bob and Alexey exchanged emails. There is no need to sync-up at the
- Migration with OpenStack, Libvirt and Xen: some patches went in.
  Migration itself didn't make it into the release. The patches are
  looking good and should all be in the next release. The patches are
  libvirt only. No changes for Xen.
- No progress on the "vda" block device names in Tempests. It would
  require to speak with the maintainers to figure how to fix it. The
  problem only happens when the root device name is set. Secondary disks
  names are ignored by Nova.

Bob was representing Citrix and manned the Citrix booth. A lot of
traffic and interest in libvirt in Xen. A couple of people interested in
OpenStack and unikernels. There is an increase in interest in Xen
and libvirt compared to previous OpenStack Summits.

The US numbers don't seem to be working anymore. Need to update the
numbers in the invite.
ACTION(Lars): update meeting invite with new US numbers.

It would be nice to add Xen support to the OpenStack Ansible project,
which is currently based on libvirt and kvm.

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