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Re: [Wg-openstack] Meeting Minutes 2015-12-16

Regarding the CI failure below, I wanted to share some links to further explain 
the issue.

> During the last few months we had a few CI-loop failures, some of them
> are due to broken upstream, but a couple of them are due to the Xen
> Project CI-loop being unable to upload logs.

When we run jobs, they include a custom 'builder' which is executed at the end 
of the job [1].  This builder creates an environment, and then installs a 
package 'osci' which has the swift upload capability built in.

> Possible fix: install scripts at image creation time?

The simplest fix may be to move this code to the prepare_node_devstack_xen 
script[2].  This script is run after devstack is prepared and therefore I think 
a failure here would probably cause the image to fail (which is good, since we 
would just use the image created the previous day)

> Install packages depending on the original install time version rather
> than the last?

I believe this might be tricky unless we get a list of the 'latest version' of 
packages and generate a requirements.txt file with fixed versions in, depending 
on the versions available at the time the node was created

> There might be other ways to fix this.

The other proposal (and the 'right way') is to use zuul-swift-upload[3] but to 
extend this and swift's middleware to allow setting of both content-type and 
critically the content encoding in a similar way to the existing OSCI 
upload[4].  Adding support for the HTML would be a very nice addition as it 
does make the log files look more user friendly.

> ACTION: Anybody could help on this?


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