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Re: [Wg-openstack] [ACTION] Review of OpenStack documentation

Hi all,
just a quick note that https://review.openstack.org/#/c/283721/ which is
fixing https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals/+bug/1548403 has been
posted for review. One set of review comments were fixed in v2 (mainly
minor grammar changes). I have not heard anything more since I posted v2

On 22/02/2016 17:19, "Lars Kurth" <lars.kurth@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I created https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals/+bug/1548403 in
>preparation for the changes as I need a bug.
>Could those who are interested in tracking this one add themselves to the
>bug? There are just too many people in the system (lots of Joao's, etc.)
>On 18/02/2016 11:55, "Joao Martins" <joao.m.martins@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>On 01/21/2016 06:31 PM, Joao Martins wrote:
>>> On 01/18/2016 10:09 PM, Jim Fehlig wrote:
>>>> On 01/14/2016 05:31 AM, Lars Kurth wrote:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> as we agreed yesterday, it would make sense to
>>>>> review 
>>>>>html in
>>>>> light of any new information and changes. In particular
>>>>>   * Update baselines and information related to issues
>>>> The existing info looks good and is still valid, although I'm not
>>>>qualified to
>>>> review the Ubuntu paragraph.
>>> The existing info also looks valid to me.
>>>>>   * Update known issues section
>>> These two bullet points could perhaps be added:
>>> * On compute nodes running Kilo or later, live migration monitoring
>>>relies on
>>> libvirt APIs that are only implemented since version 1.3.1. When
>>>attempting to
>>> live migrate, the migration monitoring thread would crash and leave the
>>> state as "MIGRATING". If you experience such an issue and you're
>>>running on
>>> libvirt < 1.3.1 make sure you backport commits ad71665 and b7b4391 from
>>> * Live migration is supported on libxl libvirt driver since 1.2.5
>>>though it
>>> doesn't work out of the box on openstack and requires modifications on
>>>nova to
>>> use an alternative migration API. Note that, since 1.3.0 most of these
>>> with respect to migration protocol compatibility have been addressed.
>>> Furthermore, libvirt support for Peer to Peer mode is undergoing work
>>>on libxl
>>> libvirt driver so that no modifications are required on nova.
>>With respect to the last meeting minutes
>>this last paragraph requires changes:
>>* Live migration is supported on libxl libvirt driver since 1.2.5 though
>>it is
>>only fully supported on openstack since 1.3.2, that is without modifying
>>migration APIs being used by the libvirt client (nova). It is worth
>>that 1.3.0 addresses most of these issues with respect to libvirt
>>protocol compatibility; and 1.3.2 gets support for peer to peer migration
>>which nova relies on.
>>>> It would be cool if Xen+libvirt now worked with Neutron. I haven't
>>>> development close enough to know.
>>> Do you folks here know what are the issues with Neutron (if any) ?
>>>>>   * Add anything new we want to highlight (e.g. Libguestfs and
>>>>>libvirt qemu
>>>>>     driver dependency, …)
>>>> I don't know the details well enough to articulate a thorough
>>>>description of the
>>>> issue, but as a start:
>>>> OpenStack compute nodes can use libguestfs to inject files in an
>>>> image prior to launching the instance. libguestfs uses libvirt's qemu
>>>>driver to
>>>> start a qemu process, which is then used to inject files into the
>>>>image. When
>>>> using libguestfs for file injection, the compute node must have the
>>>>libvirt qemu
>>>> driver installed, in addition to the Xen driver. In most
>>>>distributions, the qemu
>>>> driver is provided by the libvirt-daemon-qemu package.
>>> I believe this paragraph precisely describes the issue. I wouldn't
>>>include in
>>> the "Known Issues" since it's not exactly a problem with most distros,
>>>but just
>>> something to pay attention to. So perhaps right before the
>>>"Troubleshoot Xen
>>> with Libvirt" section?
>>> Regards,
>>> Joao
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Jim
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