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Re: [Wg-openstack] Minutes of May 4th Working Group Meeting

On 05/04/2016 06:45 PM, Lars Kurth wrote:
> For those, who did not attend, can you please search for RESOLUTION and
> vote in favour or against, using
>  +2 : I am happy with this proposal, and I will argue for it
>  +1 : I am happy with this proposal, but will not argue for it
>   0 : I have no opinion
>  -1 : I am not happy with this proposal, but will not argue against it
>  -2 : I am not happy with this proposal, and I will argue against it
> If there are no negative votes by next Tuesday, I will considered the
> RESOLUTION approved
> == Attendees ==
> Michael Glasgow 
> Anthony Perard
> Lars Kurth
> Alexey Petrenko 
> Joao Martins
> Vacation: Bob Ball
> == Actions from last meeting ==
> == 1 year review of WG / CI loop running ==
> ACTION: Action on Bob to get back to the list and Lars
> * Bob couldn't make the Hackathon
> ACTION: Lars to chase up Ian Jackson (should we try and get this done
> before the release => may throw up some issues)
> * Still to do, but can access the CI loop via ( and
> === Xen Project CI/Xen Project Openstack Leadership ===
> ACTION: Bob happy to do a little bit of thinking and get back to the group
> * Lars will kick off a thread on this list
> == CI Loop Leadership ==
> Discussed follow up of
> http://lists.xenproject.org/archives/html/wg-openstack/2016-04/msg00004.htm
> l
> === Context ===
> The summary
> - We have a number of test failures, for which we have patches, which we
>   have not managed to get into OpenStack
> - Members of this group are not well connected enough into the OpenStack
>   community and workflow
> - There is no clear contact point from within the OpenStack community to
>   this group (ideally we would establish a person who works for a vendor
>   that cares about the Xen + Libvirt + OpenStack combo as interface from
>   OpenStack to this group)
> - We have no people with OpenStack expertise who are active in OpenStack
>   in this group: consequently although we deal with the Xen + Libvirt +
>   CI loop issues, we do not deal with the OpenStack side and from the
>   OpenStack communities' perspective it looks as if what we do is stale
> - The consequence is that the OpenStack community is starting to ignore
>   the Xen Project CI
> I think, in summary we are missing a bi-directional link from this group,
> to the OpenStack community.
> Below is an example of the pressure from the OpenStack community that we
> are facing:
> Snippet from a recent IRC discussion
> 15:36 < mriedem> BobBall: the xenlight failure is pretty bad in the
> xenproject ci
> 15:38 < BobBall> mriedem: I believe there's a fix pending for that (it's
> around networking) - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/199093/ (although
> clearly Anthony has work to do to get it working)
> 15:39 < mriedem> BobBall: hasn't been updated in 3 months
> 15:39 < mriedem> BobBall: honestly i kind of feel like we should silence
> the xen project ci until that's fixed
> 15:39 < mriedem> BobBall: and it's gotten to the point that i hardly pay
> attention to that ci anymore
> In other words we need to focus on fixing the known OpenStack issues, and
> monitoring the CI to ensure an increasing pass rate, before the CI is
> disabled.
> === Discussion ===
> Michael: Oracle does have an interest in seeing the CI loop suuceed
> Aleksey: Very interested in Xen + LibVirt
> Aleksey: We are setting up our own CI Loop
> Aleksey: Looks like a natural fit for us to help out
> Agreement: **Aleksey is willing to explore that, but needs to understand
> the issues more **
> Michael: How do we get from where we are to filling the gaps we have
> Lars: We need to a list the gaps and then have a dis
> Lars: Does Oracle have active developers within the OpenStack community
> Michael: We do have two, but not in the Nova community
> Michael: It appears that the CI loop maintenance Issue is more achievable
> in the short term 
> Lars: Agrees
> Lars: Note that basic security maintenance can also be done be Credativ,
> which the project pays for
> Lars: They cannot do middleware stuff though and will need guidance
> Michael: Can we set some sort of hand-over up for that?
> Lars: Sure
> Lars: For longer term ownership, we should start speccing out what's
> involved an where we have gaps
> Aleksey: can I have access to the CI loop in terms of logging into the
> VM's such that we can investigate
> Lars: I don't see an issue. But have to run a vote past the WG mailing list
> ------------------------------------------------------
> RESOLUTION: Allow Aleksey access to the CI loop VM's
> Nobody on the call objected (see mail intro for others)
> ------------------------------------------------------
> Lars to Anthony: What do we need in practice
> Anthony: just need a public key
> Anthony: Password for jenkins is also needed
> Lars to Alexey: Do you have PGP encrypted e-mail (for Jenkins access)?
> ACTION: Aleksey to send public key to Lars and Anthony
> ACTION: Lars to add Aleksey WG mailing list (done)
> ACTION: Anthony to give Aleksey access to VM after Tuesday (assuming there
> are no objections, which I do not think will be the case)
> @Aleksey: We can deal with the password for Jenkins in some other way. Can
> you send me a private mail on Tuesday?
> @Aleksey: There is also a set of instructions re the set-up and
> architecture on a GitHub page/repo. Everything is at
> https://github.com/citrix-openstack/os-ext-testing/
> https://github.com/citrix-openstack/os-ext-testing/blob/master/README.md
> ACTION: Joao mentioned that I should track an action for him to follow up
> with Mark
> Lars to Aleksey: You may want to join the #xendevel IRC channel on
> Freenode if you need to get in touch with Lars/Anthony quickly
> === Next Steps (for Longer Term) ===
> ACTION: Lars to poke Bob re meeting (if needed)
> ACTION: Lars to kick off an e-mail thread to spec out gaps (after talking
> to Bob)
> ACTION: Lars to also follow up with Suse (was told to contact Dirk Müller)
> ACTION: Lars to poke Intel
> Note for Lars: should probably also add Aleksey to
> openstack-ci@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx later
> ACTION: Joao also said he wanted to follow up with Mark
There may be some confusion here: what I meant was mainly a follow-up about
seeking reviewers to shepperd Anthony's patches (mentioned in the previous
workgroup meeting minutes). Mark happened to be the one pointing me out the
people that could help - but those unfortunately aren't in the Nova group but
other projects instead (Kolla, Ironic). But during the meeting it was pointed
out that the patches were already reviewed - so I guess there's no action here.


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