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Re: [Wg-openstack] Minutes of October 19 OpenStack WG Meeting

> The advantage is that
> - We do not need to run Xen on Xen with nested virt and exclude a possible 
> route for errors
> - We would get an extra data point
> - We would get early warning on Linux and Xen related issues
> The disadvantage is that
> - It does not test Nova changes
> - We can't use our test COLO for the Xen Project CI
> Lars: What is the status of these?
> Anthony: Posted a patch on xen-devel, but it didn't go in due to lack of 
> comments. I can refresh it and repost?

Please do!
> Lars: This does only make sense if we do actually get review comments and the 
> change goes in. Can you CC this list on the series?
> Anthony: Yes
> Lars: Also recalls that Marcos Matsunaga from Oracle was planning to use 
> OSSTEST for misc purposes. He may be a good reviewer apart from Ian Jackson. 
> Not sure whether Suse can help, but we ought to communicate the series to the 
> wg-openstack@ list
> ACTION: Lars to follow up with Konrad and see whether this is doable (aside: 
> Konrad also reviewed some OSSTEST changes recently).

Sure. Good timing on part to get started with OSSTest.

Also .. didn't Intel post patches for OSSTest to do nested virtualization
at some point?

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