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[Wg-openstack] Notes of Feb 8 2017 OpenStack WG meeting

 == Attendees == 
Jim Fehlig 
Joao Martins 
Anthony Perard 
Lars Kurth 
Michael Glasgow 
Cedric Bosdonnat 

== Agenda ==
No new agenda items

== Action Updates / Follow up from previous meeting ==
Added people with immediate new Actions to the CC list

* Status of Bob Liu's tunneled migration patch for libvirt. I had some comments on V1 and don't recall seeing a followup
OLD ACTION: Joao to follow up and report back to the group as he worked with Bob on this (

* vif name too long when libvirt driver trying to create XEN HVM domain

OLD ACTION: Lars to ping Wei and Ian to have a look at it
OLD ACTION: Lars to ping Konrad to chip in, if needed
Is there a knob to tune the name length in Neutron? Then we can set such
knob in Xen driver (not sure if it is the right term in Neutron)?

I think such knob would not be Xen specific. I would go further to say
tying Neutron to Linux specific thing is a bug. What if Linux changes
IFNAMSIZ some day?  What if other OSes need to be supported?

Long term I think having such knob in Neutron and let specific driver
tune it would be the best option for Neutron. And the angle is no more
Xen specific, so it might be easier to sell to Neutron devs?
We discussed this and this is a good and valid argument. However, Michael pointed out that Neutron is not likely to accept such a change. However, we decided that we should at least try. 

ACTION: Jim to investigate where such a change needs to be made and whether it is invasive (NOTE: Jim notes that this may take some time)
ACTION: Lars will summarise Wei's thread (NOTE: after looking at it, the thread is already very clear – so this is not really needed)

* libvirt 3.0.0 release planned for Jan 16
Joao: libvirt 3 fixes detaching network interfaces
Joao: this has gone into libvirt and the next OpenStack release is coming up in a few months

OLD ACTION: Lars to check whether this is mentioned in the docs and update if yes (Joao believes this is not the case)
ACTION: Lars to actually do this and update docs

* Ci Loop failures
OLD ACTION: Antony will investigate and get back to the group

Anthony provides a quick update on his investigation
1. Still broken, but not a major issue as according to Anthony there are bigger issues with OpenStack CI loops right now (may have misunderstood)
2. Found a few new issues
2.1. One issue in Tempest
2.2 Another issue is related to tests that prompt to do a back-up/snapshot. May be fixed by a newer guest version

ACTION: Anthony will send a quick summary of these two issues to the list

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