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[Wg-openstack] OpenStack XenProject CI loop update


I'd like to give you an update about the CI loop, what I've been doing,
the changes I've made, and the bugs.

Now, the list of tempest tests to skip are in nova.git tree (once
https://review.openstack.org/449687 is merged) so if someone fix a bug
in Nova, he can update the list of skip tests.

Some new tests in tempest always fail, I've open bugs for them, and add
them to the list of skipped tests:
- test_volume_swap
- test_create_image_from_paused_server

There is another bug for which I apply a patch locally to tempest,
because sometime a test fail with "No IPv4 addresses found", the patch
workaround it, but might not be the solution.

I've updated the CirrOS image been used as a guest, the image have a
newer kernel, 4.8.0-42.45 from Ubuntu. That seems to help with suspend
failure. In anycase, there is also a patch for nova in the CI loop that
should print the guest console after a suspend failure.

I'll update this email thread from time to time.


Anthony PERARD

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