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Re: [Wg-openstack] Openstack WG Meeting, July 26, 2017

On 07/26/2017 05:44 PM, Lars Kurth wrote:
> @George, @Julien: I had an action to ask some questions (see end of mail)
> WG OpenStack
> ============
> Attendees
> =========
> Lars Kurth (chair)
> Joao Martins (Oracle)
> Jim Fehlig (Susie)
> Anthony PERARD (Citrix)
> Agenda
> ======
> Updates
> --------
> OSSTEST Tempest patches : still in progress
> Note: Ian is OO for most of August
> Last version sent yesterday see
> https://lists.xen.org/archives/html/xen-devel/2017-07/threads.html#02458
> This series exposes individual tests rather than the entire Tempest suite
> as now 
> ACTION: please comment on, if you can
> Jim: test libvirt domXML
> ------------------------
>> How can we make progress on the work to test libvirt domXML to
>> libxl_domain_config conversions?
>> The tests are a desired prerequisite for other work such as specifying
> Tried to get tests into Libvirt test master
> Taken many approaches over 2 years, posted patches
> Not enough comments: Reworked stuff after some comments, reposted, but
> there was never enough momentum to get this resolved
> Jim: This really needs to get tested.
> Joao: Series to implement CPUID from Invisible Things Labs: has some tests
> based on last version of this series
> Jim: Before adding more code to conversion process we should get the
> series upstreamed
> NEED: people to give feedback to get this in
> Joao: suggested to Marek from ITL to rebase. Joao wasn't aware to this
> series was stuck
> ACTION: Jim to refresh last attempt and re-post and CC Joao and Marek from
> (note Marek appears to be on vacation)
>> Has there been any effort to support Xen+libvirt+OpenStack on ARM? I've
>> not heard requests nor plan to
>> work on it, just curious if it has been considered/investigated.
> Jim: Issues on HP Moonshot M400 ARM and was generally interested in this
> combo
> ACTION: Activity in Linaro (Lars to check with Julien)
> ACTION: Lots of activity in CentOS on ARM - but don't know of the baseline
> (Lars to check with George)

No, no activity in CentOS on ARM -- only on x86.

> CentOS has been using Xen (CentOS Sigvirt)+libvirt+OpenStack on ARM64 for
> demos. But we never could find a full-time maintainer for Xen (CentOS
> Sigvirt) on ARM, which is why this has not progressed

Indeed; the arm packages in the tree are still some version of Xen
pre-4.8 I think.

> ACTION: Lars to check whether OnApp uses Libvirt + OpenStack (contact:
> Julien Chesterfield) - also add links to press/recordings

*Pretty* sure the answer is 'no': Rumor has it that OnApp is stuck on
Xen 4.4 because their stuff depends on xend.


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