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Re: [Wg-openstack] Openstack WG Meeting, July 26, 2017

On 27/07/2017, 12:33, "George Dunlap" <george.dunlap@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> ACTION: Lots of activity in CentOS on ARM - but don't know of the
>> (Lars to check with George)
>No, no activity in CentOS on ARM -- only on x86.
>> CentOS has been using Xen (CentOS Sigvirt)+libvirt+OpenStack on ARM64
>> demos. But we never could find a full-time maintainer for Xen (CentOS
>> Sigvirt) on ARM, which is why this has not progressed
>Indeed; the arm packages in the tree are still some version of Xen
>pre-4.8 I think.
>> ACTION: Lars to check whether OnApp uses Libvirt + OpenStack (contact:
>> Julien Chesterfield) - also add links to press/recordings
>*Pretty* sure the answer is 'no': Rumor has it that OnApp is stuck on
>Xen 4.4 because their stuff depends on xend.

I had meant for 
But that deck contains no info what they use for management and also no
info on OpenStack

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