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Re: [Wg-openstack] Minutes of Oct 18 OpenStack WG meeting

On Mon, Oct 30, 2017 at 12:28:49PM +0000, Lars Kurth wrote:
> == 1: CI loop impact within the OpenStack community ==
> Lars: Raises the suspicion that the OpenStack CI little impact in the 
> OpenStack community today
> Lars: We also seem to be getting worse with regards to pass rate and the 
> number of issues
> Lars: Is this correct?
> Anthony: The test pass rate is far too low and unreliable (60/70%)
> Anthony: The consequence is that people stopped looking at it and are on 
> essence ignoring the Xen CI Loop
> Anthony: For the last week, the CI loop kept failing and nobody complained, 
> which is a strong indication that people are ignoring it
> Lars: prompts Michal for his view, in particular whether he would see an 
> impact if we stopped running it
> Michael: I agree that there are major problems with the CI loop and that we 
> have to sort out the problems
> Michael: Does believe that stopping the CI loop would have further negative 
> effects (beyond what we have seen so far)
> Lars: asks Anthony what would need to be done to make significant progress
> Anthony: We would need to update to a new baseline (libvirt + xen) / images 
> for the test nodes

The update that needs to happen is actually about the way the images are
built. Things changed upstream and the way we did it does not work
anymore. I did made the changes in the CI, but when I test this new
image, the tests (Tempest) always fail.

But updating the baseline would not hurt I guess, I have stuck to the
package from Ubuntu LTS as it is easier than rebuilding packages.

> Anthony: We would need to fix some of the long-standing issues, including 
> networking support and a few others
> Anthony: I have been trying to debug the CI loop, but have not managed to get 
> anywhere. In particular the networking issues.
> Anthony: Indications are that the issues I am seeing are within OpenStack, 
> and I don’t have the background, time and standing in the OpenStack community 
> to fix these

There is probably issues with Linux as well, probably due to the fact we
are running Xen withing a Rackspace VM.


Anthony PERARD

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