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[Wg-openstack] Minutes of Oct 18 OpenStack WG meeting

Hi all,

please find attached the last meeting minutes. Apologies for the delay: the mail seems to not have been sent when I thought it did

I did CC the AB because of agenda item 1




= Attendees ==

Lars Kurth (chair)

Wim Ten Have (Oracle)

Michael Glasgow (Oracle)

Joao Martins (Oracle)

Anthony Perard (Citrix)

Jim Fehlig (Suse)


== Agenda ==


== 1: CI loop impact within the OpenStack community ==

Lars: Raises the suspicion that the OpenStack CI little impact in the OpenStack community today

Lars: We also seem to be getting worse with regards to pass rate and the number of issues

Lars: Is this correct?


Anthony: The test pass rate is far too low and unreliable (60/70%)

Anthony: The consequence is that people stopped looking at it and are on essence ignoring the Xen CI Loop

Anthony: For the last week, the CI loop kept failing and nobody complained, which is a strong indication that people are ignoring it


Lars: prompts Michal for his view, in particular whether he would see an impact if we stopped running it


Michael: I agree that there are major problems with the CI loop and that we have to sort out the problems

Michael: Does believe that stopping the CI loop would have further negative effects (beyond what we have seen so far)


Lars: asks Anthony what would need to be done to make significant progress


Anthony: We would need to update to a new baseline (libvirt + xen) / images for the test nodes

Anthony: We would need to fix some of the long-standing issues, including networking support and a few others

Anthony: I have been trying to debug the CI loop, but have not managed to get anywhere. In particular the networking issues.

Anthony: Indications are that the issues I am seeing are within OpenStack, and I don’t have the background, time and standing in the OpenStack community to fix these


Lars: Thinks that we probably need active help from the OpenStack side


**Had a bit of a discussion with Michael around support from Alexis (which did not happen) and whether Oracle can help. **


Michael: Have a new manager, can raise the issue up the chain

ACTION: Michael to escalate internally


Jim: In the past, I had some time in Nova to keep eyes on Xen and Nova, but then my priorities were changed.

Jim: At the time Nova was developing too fast for me to keep up with the Nova community. To do this, w really

Jim: need someone who keeps an eye on things with Xen within Nova and Neutron. I did that for 6 months and

Jim: did get a fair bit of work done to get Nova working with Xen.  Since then, there has been no-one in upstream

Jim: OpenStack, which does that.


Jim: A key part of solving this issue is a resource dedicated to the Xen / Libvirt / OpenStack ( Nova / Neutron)

Jim: interface. Within Suse, there is not enough interest on the cloud side for use of OpenStack with Xen + Libvirt,

Jim: thus, had not had much success improving the situation.


Lars: Agrees. And the situation is similar within Citrix, which uses Xen + XAPI + OpenStack



Lars: there is now a Xen group within Linaro - looking at testing for ARM HW, in particular for under NDA / pre-prod HW

Lars: will talk to Martin Stadler who chairs LEG in Linaro in the coming weeks to try and find out a bit more about test strategy


== 2: Libvirt Update ==


Joao: Wim will be working with Joao on libxl

Joao: Asks whether we can include Wim into the WG


** All agreed **


ACTION: Lars to add wim.ten.have@xxxxxxxxxx to list and invite (done)


Jim: looking for someone to help with reviewing libvirt / xen changes. Looking for someone who can ACK changes 

Jim: Joao does some of that now.


Joao: think it's getting better


* Where we are / what's new?

Jim: Not done a lot of upstream work in the last 2 months

Jim: Did a test suite for XML to Xen domain config objects and upstreamed it

Jim: This opens the door for some other develpments

Jim: Marek Marczykowski-Górecki from ITL had some patches waiting for this suite - suite is in now. Have not heard from him.

Joao: Marek was meant to follow up, but never did. 

Jim: will ping Marek on IRC/or mail and follow up re another version


Jim: Wim's sent series on refining defining virtual NUMA topology

Jim: has a draft e-mail with review comments, which will hopefully get finished and sent out 

Jim: May require another version of the series


* Big items in the pipeline

Jim: Removing xend driver and related code (that's more complex/tedious than we thought)

Jim: Need to get it done, because just rebasing the code is painful

Joao: working on some aspects of that too


* Live Migration

Lars: relates to a question on whether there are live migration issues

** Appears there are none (except possibly in some edge cases) **


Jim: SUSE has some automated migration testing (package and version upgrades).

Jim: No complaints until recently (but could be product related, ... not Xen/libvirt relateted)


Lars: asks whether libvirt migration is tested in OSSTEST

Joao: Migration is tested on OSSTEST via libvirt (but nor for all edge cases)

Joao: Last time I tested manually in March there were all issues (tested most execution paths; there was one intermittent strange issue)


=== 3: AOB ===

Next meeting should be fine – no issue with travel by Lars


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