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[Wg-test-framework] [Minutes] April Test WG meeting

Sorry for being slightly late


== Attendees ==

* Chair: Lars Kurth

* Verizon: Don Slutz (Lead)

* Community Rep: Ian Jackson

* AMD: Aravind Gopalakrishnan

* Intel: Donald D Dugger


== Excused ==

* AWS: Anthony Liguori

* CA: Allan Roberto

* Citrix: Chris Sheperd

* Oracle: Marcos Matsunaga


== Agenda ==


=== Review and agree Hardware shopping list ==


* IanJ: posted the list at http://lists.xenproject.org/archives/html/wg-test-framework/2014-03/msg00003.html

* DonS: had some feedback, will send by mail. Done at : http://lists.xenproject.org/archives/html/wg-test-framework/2014-04/msg00002.html


{{Motion}} Approve the list, pending Don’s comments



=== Update on COLO options (DonS) ===


* CSC: does not provide support and is thus out of the game

* Verizon: Don had difficulties finding a sales rep


We had a short discussion for backup options:

* DonS: would it be OK to look for someone local

* All: agreed. In fact this is the only manageable option

* Lars: would there be options in Cambridge

* IanJ: Cambridge is excessively expensive for COLOs. London would be significantly cheaper. Although Ian did not know any vendors providing support. But he knows individuals who provide support services for COLOs on a contract (hourly per months)


Next steps:

* {{Action|Don}} Continue investigating Verizon and a local option


Fallback (if we don’t get anywhere by May)

* Lars to talk to Rackspace

* Ian to investigate local options

* As Ian, Don and Lars are all at the Hackathon, we can should also consider whether we can find a solution there


=== Xen Project Developer Summit ===


* Should we submit an update talk?

* The agreement was that this would probably boring, unless there was significant movement on test framework by then. But we could include an update in the project update slot

* IanJ: maybe a hands-on tutorial for OSSTEST may make more sense


{{Action|IanJ }} Consider submitting a tutorial (or finding someone who would be willing to do so)




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