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[Wg-test-framework] Xen Project test lab 2017 hardware spend outline

We have been allocated a budget of up to $100K for new hardware this
year.  Here is my suggestion for how we will allocate this:

  2nd rack infrastructure
  and initial X86 test boxes     $50K   [1] (intended early 2017)

  reserve retained for X86
  hardware appearing later       $30K   (intended for use in late 2017)
  (and any arising needs)

  2x Cavium ARM64 boxes          $16K   (purchase about to go ahead)

  rounding error :-)              $4K


And, for completeness, some items which do not need to come out of
this budget because they are covered elsewhere:

  Additional Credativ hours     Estimates suggest that Credativ
  for hardware installation     hours needed will be within
  and new rack setup            existing contract

  2nd rack rental and           Ongoing costs -
  bandwidth ongoing charges     not part of this budget

  2nd rack and bandwidth        Separate from this budget - AB
  initial provisioning fees     will approve as part of new rack
  from hosting provider         contract approval

  2x Softiron ARM64 boxes       Paid for out of 2016 budget

[1] The "2nd rack infrastructure" item needs to cover:
  - two new principal servers (VM hostss, which will also
    serve as serial concentrators)
  - additional internal switch
  - additional pdus
  - cables, serial port hardware, etc.
  - a handful of pairs of X86 test boxes
all of which we are currently discussing with our contractors,

I (or Credativ) will post more detailed proposals (ie precisely what
we intend to buy) to this list when we have them.


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