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[win-pv-devel] 8.2.0-rc1 has been tagged


  Keen observers will have noticed that there are new XXX-8.2 Jenkins jobs that 
have just finished build #1. This is because I have now created a staging-8.2 
branch and tagged 8.2.0-rc1 in each repo. Logo testing of these branches should 
start shortly and I am aiming at a release of the 8.2.0 version of each driver 
early in the new year.

  The master branches will shortly have their version info changed to 9.0.0. 
The reason for bumping the major version is that I intend to move to the new 
VS2015/WDK10 tool-chain and, to make use of newer versions of APIs (e.g 
storport and NDIS) I want to make Windows 8 the oldest OS version supported by 
the drivers going forward. I will be pushing patches to add the VS2015 scripts 
and update the version information in the next few days.



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