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Re: [win-pv-devel] load+stability tests result: Event 129 xenvbd

Hello Paul,

"good" news. I was able to reproduce the hang. Backend ist blkback on /dev/ram0. In the attached debug.zip you find the output of "xl dmesg", "dmesg" and the qemu log - everything with 'xl debug-keys q' pressed.

Regards Andreas

On 19.01.2017 19:25, Paul Durrant wrote:
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I am currently performing load + stability tests on the staging-8.2
branch of winpv drivers. For disk tests I am using a 50000 MB ramdisk
(module rd) in dom0 that I pass to a Windows 8.1 VM with winpv drivers.
I generate multi-threaded load using my load generator NetDiskHash.

After 9 hours the disk is no longer accessible and the event log is
filled with event 129 (timeout) messages. In dom0 everything seems OK.

Xen is 4.8.0, dom0 is 3.10.73. How can we debug that?

Do you have a qemu log? XENVBD will log to the qemu debug port, so we should be 
able to see what's going on from that.

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