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Re: [win-pv-devel] How to diagnose windows domU hang on boot?

Finally I was able to uninstall the GPL PV driver by following the
steps in this page:
I thought the info was obsolete but it just worked!

However, the new NIC driver is not working properly.
Is there anything wrong that you can tell from the attached qemu log?

Anyway, I'm getting a booting system this time.
So I decide to give it a try with the driver domain setup as it was
the initial goal.
Unfortunately the new driver does NOT make it any better and I still
get stuck at the boot screen as GPLPV driver does.
I'm also attaching the qemu log here (the one with 'driver_domain' suffix).

The driver domain (freeBSD 10 based) lacks some features that appears
in domain0:
XENVBD|FrontendReadFeatures:Target[0] : Features: INDIRECT
XENVBD|FrontendReadFeatures:Target[0] : INDIRECT 100
But other than that, I couldn't find anything obvious wrong.

  XENVBD|PdoSetDevicePnpState:Target[0] : PNP Present to Started
                       //<< this is the last line seen for
driver-domain config
  XENVBD|PdoDispatchPnp:Target[0] : 07:QUERY_DEVICE_RELATIONS -> c00000bb
  XENVBD|FrontendWriteUsage:Target[0] : DUMP NOT_HIBER NOT_PAGE
  XENVBD|FdoDispatchPnp:14:QUERY_PNP_DEVICE_STATE -> c00000bb

Any idea what's the situation?

On Fri, Jan 20, 2017 at 10:23 PM, Paul Durrant <Paul.Durrant@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I think uninstalling in safe mode is perfectly reasonable, but I don’t know
> if there is any ‘magic’ to doing so. Are you following instructions as to
> how to go about removing the drivers fully? (Remember that Windows itself
> doesn’t really handle driver un-installation… it’s not something Microsoft
> really supports). Whatever you do, you need to get to a situation where you
> can boot the VM normally and verify that both storage and network are using
> emulated devices before installing the 8.1 PV drivers.
> For comparison perhaps you could try installing the 8.1 drivers in a fresh
> VM to verify there are no problems with your environment.

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