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[win-pv-devel] Update: Developer Summit and Hackathon this year

Hi everyone,

a quick note to let you know about the status of this year's Hackathon and 
Developer Summit. We are running a little bit late in terms of planning, 
because the board asked me in November to investigate co-location with OSCON, 
OpenStack and a few other industry events instead of approving the plan. None 
of these led anywhere, which is why I don't have detailed information. The 
board approved the budget and Dev Summit plan 3 weeks ago.

Here is the plan of record:

a) We are going to merge the Hackathon with the Developer Summit and probably 
   rename it to Design and Developer Summit

b) We are looking at a 3-day event instead of two 2-day events
   - In the morning we would have talks as in the past
   - Possibly parallel tracks for some of it
   - In the afternoon we have discussion groups that are run in the same way 
     as we have run the Hackathon

c) In terms of timing, we are trying to have the event in the time period of 
   last two weeks of June, first two weeks of July.
   - This is just *after* the H1 release
   - *Before* the main school holiday season
   - *Before* flights get expensive from the 3rd week of July

d) Locations
   - 2017: Location in Europe. 
           There is also the possibility that a vendor may host it (waiting for 
           I am waiting for the Linux Foundation to send me a list of events.
   - 2018: Location in China. 
           Most likely co-located with the Linux Foundation Open Source Summit 
in China
           (always in June)

   - 2019: Location in North America

Best Regards

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