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Re: [win-pv-devel] Latest Windows PV Drivers



  No there’s nothing in the xl.cfg that you particularly need to set for the PV drivers.




From: Steffan Cline [mailto:steffan@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 07 March 2017 06:18
To: Paul Durrant <Paul.Durrant@xxxxxxxxxx>; win-pv-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Latest Windows PV Drivers


Funny thing is, I trashed the VM and recreated and applied the drivers and it worked this time.


On another Windows 2012R2 install, I installed the drivers and a user is telling me he’s constantly kicked out.


Is there a list of options that should be set in the config file for the VM to work best with these drivers?



Thank you,

Steffan Cline



From: Paul Durrant <Paul.Durrant@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Monday, March 6, 2017 at 2:05 AM
To: 'Steffan Cline' <steffan@xxxxxxxxx>, "win-pv-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <win-pv-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: Latest Windows PV Drivers


They should be fine on Server 2016. What sort of failure are you seeing?




From: win-pv-devel [mailto:win-pv-devel-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Steffan Cline
Sent: 06 March 2017 05:59
To: win-pv-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [win-pv-devel] Latest Windows PV Drivers


They install and seem to work great on Windows Server 2012R2.


When installing on Server 2016 it fails. Is there a trick or just wait for a new update?



Thank you,

Steffan Cline



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