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Re: [win-pv-devel] Uninstalling pvdrivers



  The drivers don’t have a dedicated installer or un-installer; they only bundle dpinst for convenience. I suggest the best way to uninstall is via ‘control panel’ (i.e. add/remove programs) so that the packages get removed from driverstore. Once this is done, and you’ve rebooted, you will still see evidence of xenfilt.sys loading (and pulling in xen.dll) but you should be running fully emulated at this point.






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Hello, I am trying to uninstall the pvdrivers that I built and installed in a Windows 7 DomU. I don't see any documentation about how to do so. The only thing I found was how to uninstall James Harper's GPLPV drivers, which is a competing project with the pvdrivers as I understand it. How can I uninstall these drivers and where can I find documentation about how to uninstall these drivers?


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