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Re: [win-pv-devel] Request to add back support for VS2012

Hello Paul,

perhaps you could switch to clang / gcc / MinGW. I assume they are very good compilers. I don't know if their use for driver development is possible - I am sure they can be used for basic compiling/linking, maybe not for the validation pipeline (SDV).

Regards Andreas

On 23.04.2019 11:57, Paul Durrant wrote:
VS 2015 added the new compiler optimizer in Update 3 so I would also
consider it buggy. VS2013 should be safe too but AFAIK VS2013 was never
as widely used as VS2012 - that is why I would recommend to stay with
The problem with VS2012 is that there was no free SKU that could be used for 
driver dev. VS2013 has also gone out of support (on 09/04/2019). Both vs2012 
and vs2013 scripts are still there in staging-8.2 and I have no intention to 
remove them from there, but I'd really rather not have them in master as 
maintaining multiple sets of vcxproj files is annoying and dealing with both 
2015 and 2017 is bad enough.

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