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RE: Installing WinPV drivers on Windows 2019

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> Jan Bakuwel
> Sent: 22 May 2020 00:58
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> Subject: Installing WinPV drivers on Windows 2019
> Hi all,
> Additionally to the email I sent yesterday....
> I've removed the old v8.2.0 drivers from the Windows 2019 server and
> installed the v8.2.2 drivers. Windows doesn't seem to be happy with
> those though; after rebooting Windows wanted to "repair" the system and
> now crashes with an "inaccessible boot device". Any suggestions how to
> proceed from here?

Did you definitely install the signed release of the drivers (from 


> I had to enable test signing to install the drivers but ultimately my
> small business client should not see a desktop that says "Test mode". Is
> there a way to run production systems with the WinPV drivers or is it
> still considered experimental/test only?
> kind regards,
> Jan



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