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Re: Installing WinPV drivers on Windows 2019

Hi Paul,

On 22/05/20 8:58 pm, Paul Durrant wrote:
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Hi all,

Additionally to the email I sent yesterday....

I've removed the old v8.2.0 drivers from the Windows 2019 server and
installed the v8.2.2 drivers. Windows doesn't seem to be happy with
those though; after rebooting Windows wanted to "repair" the system and
now crashes with an "inaccessible boot device". Any suggestions how to
proceed from here?
Did you definitely install the signed release of the drivers (from 

Are there also unsigned 8.2.2 drivers available to download and install? I'm pretty sure I downloaded the ones you're referring to.

I could not install the 8.2.2 drivers until I enabled test signing: the setup immediately fails when attempting with test signing off.

It had been a while since I installed those drivers and I had a vague recollection of having to install the certificates to get around the "Test Mode" shown on the desktop. So, I imported the 5 certificates from the source trees, then installed the drivers with test signing enabled. Then Windows needed to "repair" the system and ended up with an inaccessible boot device.

I restored the VM from backup, removed the 8.2.0 drivers, then installed https://github.com/xcp-ng/win-pv-drivers/releases. These have been fine for a few days now on the test VM but we yet have to see what happens on a production system. After all the 8.2.0 drivers also worked fine for months until the system went into production and then started crashing, sometimes once every few weeks, sometimes multiple times in a week or day.

Which version of the drivers should I install on a production system? The ones released by XCP-NG (even though I'm running Xen Open Source, not XCP-NG? 8.2.2 or 9.0.0?

I'm happy to give it another go with the version you recommend. Should I check remaining registry entries or should the uninstaller (via Control Panel) take care of removing those?



I had to enable test signing to install the drivers but ultimately my
small business client should not see a desktop that says "Test mode". Is
there a way to run production systems with the WinPV drivers or is it
still considered experimental/test only?

kind regards,




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