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Re: [Xen-API] Python bindings question

Henning Sprang schreef:
On Tue, Jun 24, 2008 at 4:47 PM, Thomas Moyer <tmmoyer@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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Is there any sort of documentation on the use of the Xen API in python.  The
examples I found in the Xen Management API  document (version 1.0.1) didn't

I didn't look at it for ages, but yes, there are not many working code
samples, and I saw even XenSource employees(yes, it's a while ago :) )
showing sample code  in presenations on conferences that didn't even
work, because I knew I tested it some days before :)

I've made a small sample once, but never got deeper into it:

(apart from that, if you'd posted the error message, one could check
if something else but the code is wrong :) )

In general, I think this list here is nearly dead, but I remember I
saw some work going on in discussion further work on the XenAPI, and
probably a redefinition.  I believe the libvirt is a good way to go -
not that I really use it in actual project yet, but  it seems pretty
well supported, stable and documented, and you're not locked into a
single virtualization technology when using it.

If you want to have XenAPI Python examples that work you can contact me in private. I strongly suggest libvirt, even the C interface is more pretty than XenAPI in Python ever was...


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