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RE: [Xen-API] RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] xapi toolstack (xen-api-libs): fix compile errors

> Here's the raw patch which just adds the autoconf infrastructure.  
> I stripped out the fakeserver stuff as it isnt ready yet.  If someone 
> else could add in the needed checks for xen-unstable that would be great.


I added some stuff to configure.ac to detect xen/xen.h, XS_RESTRICT and also 
libdevicemapper and the linux cdrom ioctls for good measure. It now #defines 
XS_RESTRICT if necessary and then conditionally compiles only the libs whose 
dependencies are met. Hopefully it won't get any more complicated :-) [famous 
last words?]

There are still a number of things which prevent xen-api.hg from compiling and 
working against xen-unstable.hg. These are at least:
1. libxenguest changes: I think we probably should move this stuff into 
xen-api-libs.hg and fix it up there
2. misc xenstore protocol changes (eg block shutdown-request/shutdown-done): 
this is a bit trickier and will need more thought


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