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[Xen-API] Building xapi

Hi all,

Here's a script for building xapi on CentOS 5.4. It assumes a standard install 
and needs to be run with root privileges, and produces a binary that should be 
able to be dropped into an existing XCP host. It's got a little bit at the end 
(commented out) for installing xapi on the CentOS host and running it in 
'dummy' mode (like in our SDK) - this is quite useful for testing bits of xapi 
without having to install it on a real host. I wouldn't recommend doing this on 
a real CentOS machine that you cared about though - it'll install lots of 
things in /etc that you might not want :-)

I've tested this on a CentOS VM running on XenServer and on a VM running under 

Hopefully this might make it a little easier to hack on!



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