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Re: [Xen-API] Re: XCP / modify XCP Code ? - contribute code

On 23 Mar 2010, at 20:19, Chonduy Nguyen wrote:

Another question - I want to ask that if we want to contribute any module codes
( python code)- how can we integrate with XCP - so XCP can manage the module
 - and it treats as part of XCP platform - Do you allow this? or open to this?

As Dave said, contributions are welcome!

Out of interest, what is the python code you're looking to contribute? The bulk of xapi is written in ocaml, but we do have places in which python fits quite nicely. For example, the API call 'host.call_plugin' calls a script on the specified host, and these scripts, while they can be written in any language, tend to be written in python. There are also the python SM backends which live in /opt/xensource/sm. The repository for these will be available soon, but for now the source is all available in dom0. 



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