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[Xen-API] XCP really a VMWARE ESXi alternative?

I started trying with Xen Hypervisor (to run a small business(10 users) mail (citadel) server, win 2k8 domain controller, web server (apache2 on debian 2 or 3 domains) and remote support server (debian, w/ gnome)).

Though the documentation was weak for just Hypervisor I was able to get it running on top of Debian, but it was useless because I didn't have a way to manage the host. (xen center, etc). it seems that the entire xen center application program is lacking support even on the paid Xen side.. I wanted to switch to XEN because it's more open source than VMWare and I heard the performance is unbeatable. But instead I ended up with XCP Hypervisor (which still uses core xen hypervisor, correct?) and now it seems, what shouldn't be much of burden on the systems, is a massive burden on the systems. And I am left with nowhere to really turn to. My 1 hosted domain takes 1.5 minutes to load half my super easy company webpage from the internet and it FLY's on the intranet. Is there some webpage that can help people that want to be able to diagnose actual issues? Can't run the monitor/graph page in xencenter because it fails due to some missing plug-in (im guessing since it actually doesnt say).

Now a lot of this could be chalked up to my lack of Linux experience but it seems like I would be the core audience (small i.t. consulting business owner trying to make a name and lead by example) and the whole thing ended up getting so confusing that XCP ISO /XCP core hypervisor was the only option left. this isn't what I wanted, but it was the only way I could get my servers online. Was this how this whole process is intended? I can't tell if XCP Hypervisor core thingy (looks just like the vmware esxi hypervisor) is the main focus, if Kronos is the main focus or running the Xen Hypervisor as a software app on a Debian/Linux cli is the main focus. Could be just me, but shouldn't this be determined first before even 1 line of code is looked into? I don't mean to be a debby downer, it just seems like all 3 are bound to fail because no time is dedicated to a "core" belief/program.

I just saw a post regarding Kronos and if that is taking most of the developers time, it makes me think I went the wrong direction with XCP.

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