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Re: [Xen-API] Where to log bugs against Kronos?

On 13/12/11 06:38, Dave Whitla wrote:
> Hi list members. Forgive me if this is documented somewhere. I've spent the 
> last hour searching for any mention of it.
> Where can I log bugs (with patches) against the Kronos project?
> Do you have a JIRA, Bugzilla or something somewhere. Links on the Wiki would 
> be appreciated also.

We haven't officially decided on the best place to report bugs, for
either XCP or Kronos, which is why there's no wiki doc on this topic. I
do have a Launchpad project set up for XCP, where I've started reporting
bugs (mainly for the purpose of testing Lauchpad to see if it will work
for us).

Please go ahead and log your bug report to the Lauchpad bug tracker [1],
and reply here with a link to the new bug report. If people like the new
bug tracker, perhaps we'll make it official and write about it on the wiki.


[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/xcp

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