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[Xen-API] Successful Kronos deployments?

I realise the current alpha state of the project and I'm eager to help move it 
to production-ready.

I'd just like to benchmark my experience with Kronos thus far somehow.

I have had a fully functional Xen solution for some time now based on Debian 
Wheezy (kernel 3.1.1), the Xen 4.1.2 hypervisor and associated packages from 
Wheezy, Open vSwitch 1.2.2 (with my own patch for kernel 3.1) and the Pacemaker 
cluster framework.
All my Xen daemons are started by pacemaker as a lot of shared config is kept 
on an OCFS2 filesystem on clustered LVM on SAN over fibre channel. My guest 
disk images are LVM logical volumes which are concurrently active on all nodes 
in the cluster via the FC SAN.
I've been managing provisioning, migration etc using some custom management 
scripts which I run from a virtual machine on the cluster. The cluster config 
has enough to bootstrap the cluster and start my management vm. I like using 
Pacemaker for this as it is very easy to integrate with other parts of the OS 
to manage things like resource colocation and automatic live migration of 
guests when the host node shuts down.

Incidentally I always provision using debootstrap and APT for Debian guests or 
kickstart over the network for RHEL guests - I really don't like the VMWare and 
Amazon approach of cloning templates. Typical host provisioning takes about 90 

Recently I have been forced to integrate some form of GUI management tool 
because my users find the command line "too hard".
After testing a few options the only one which seems to meet their needs is 
XenCenter - so I've started integrating xapi into my cluster using packages 
from the Kronos project.
So far I've been able to connect XenCenter (downloaded from a XenServer 6.0.0 
installation) to my test xapi-on-Debian node.
But I can't create any SR's, networking can't be configured from the GUI (I've 
set the network model to openvswitch in /etc/xcp/network.conf) and the location 
of XCP config files is very different from that mentioned in the limited 

I'd appreciate any pointers to documentation that isn't linked to from the WIKI 
as I've already read everything there. There don't seem to be any man pages in 
the packages themselves.
I'd also really like to hear from anyone with a similar setup that is working 
for them - even if only in part.

Thanks for any assistance.


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