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Re: [Xen-API] Successful Kronos deployments?

As an update, I have succeeded in creating an LVM SR after hacking on the sm 
python scripts. It seems xapi tries to fulfil roles in the stack that I have 
already allocated to standard components.
I was trying earlier to create an LVMoHBA SR but as I already manage 
multipathing and cluster locking at the OS level this will not work.

The python sm scripts also contain numerous references to utility paths (such 
as /sbin/pidof) which are RedHat derivative specific, so I needed to change 
these to their Debian/Ubuntu equivalents before I could at least get the LVM SR 
I also had to remove the use of the vgchange --master option which is peculiar 
to a XenCenter LVM patch (I have no need of it anyway on pacemaker managed 

I will log bugs for the above as soon as I have created patches to submit.

I hope this helps others.


On 14/12/2011, at 10:24 AM, Dave Whitla wrote:

> I realise the current alpha state of the project and I'm eager to help move 
> it to production-ready.
> I'd just like to benchmark my experience with Kronos thus far somehow.

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