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Re: [Xen-API] [Xen-users] New name for Kronos? [was XCP 1.5 availability]

Not exactly.

Kronos is not a product, a toolstack, a piece of software or anything else.
Kronos is just the name of the project to port the xapi toolstack from XCP to 
other linux distros, starting with Debian.
IMHO the label Kronos does not belong in any package name.

I also think xcp does not belong in package names - too bad about the already 
released packages.
The way I see it XCP is just a linux distro, based on CentOS, with some unusual 
default packages installed.
XCP INCLUDES the xapi toolstack but neither one IS the other.
The xcp- prefix on the existing unstable packages does serve to group the 
related tools together though - so I suppose it adds some value.

The current state of Xen/XenServer/XCP/... is unfortunately alphabet soup. But 
once you do a little bit of reading to see how it all fits together, it makes 
enough sense not to change any of it.
A better use of peoples' energy might be to improve the documentation somewhat 
- particularly in so far as the xapi toolstack (as shipped by the Kronos 
project) differs from that found in XCP and XenServer.

My $0.05. (inflation)


On 16/12/2011, at 1:33 PM, Scott Zupek wrote:

> Okay I am pretty good at dumbing things down and being the dumb guy(that's a 
> skill, right?).  Obvious this product/discussion isn't for "i buy everything 
> at best buy" clientele, but it should be relatively easy to understand.
> XCP is a platform to present, speed up, standardize and help manage 
> XEN-Hypervisor, correct? (no gui, just CLI)
> Kronos is a toolstack to do what?  Also help manage the XCP, which is on top 
> of Xen-Hypervisor, like XenCenter?  If so, leave it at Kronos (personally I 
> know too many apps called Kronos, but i worked I.t. in a mortgage company and 
> all those apps had different weird names).  If I am right and Kronos is 
> something to help manage Xen Hypervisor (with or without XCP?) then I would 
> name it SOMETHING to do with Xen but NOT XCP. Maybe XronAPI or something.
> If kronos is another layer AFTER XCP(and XCP is required) I would tie it to 
> XCP prefix. If XCP is not required, leave XCP alone. I, a beginner/getting 
> there XEN Hypervisor user, only used XCP because it was the easiest to 
> install and easiest to manage. I really don't like Xen Center at all, but 
> everything else was kind of a bust. And I tried and searched for probably 20 
> hours straight.
> So my opinion for what it's worth is I WANT A CLEAR DEFINITION OF WHAT KRONOS 
> is and how it's different from XCP and what are the benefits to a normal 
> admin (not a super high level Linux user).  Does it REQUIRE XCP? Sorry I am 
> really trying to just help... sometimes when you are in the thick of a 
> project so long you forget just how confusing and deep it is to everyone else.
> Scott
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