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Re: [Xen-API] [Xen-users] New name for Kronos? [was XCP 1.5 availability]

On 12/16/11 09:42, Dave Whitla wrote:

I also think xcp does not belong in package names - too bad about the already 
released packages.
The way I see it XCP is just a linux distro, based on CentOS, with some unusual 
default packages installed.
Contrary, for me current XCP is a (not the) Linux distribution with XAPI toolstack. However, I have reached XCP from different angle than most of you (I guess) -- via 'Kronos project'. Before the distro XCP was something very cloudy me. Therefore, I like idea of XCP "to be something" you can install on your Linux to change you system into "Xen Cloud Platform" and the "XCP distro" to be a "reference implementation".

I can even image (and I was told is theoretical possible, however not now) to have heterogeneous Linux distribution underling XCP.

XCP INCLUDES the xapi toolstack but neither one IS the other.
The xcp- prefix on the existing unstable packages does serve to group the 
related tools together though - so I suppose it adds some value.
I someone who currently fights with XCP installation is very big value.

Again, as SysAdmin I love the idea of typing:
{apt-get, yum, zypper} install xcp-full
to get good platform for a cloud service.

You can argue that xapi-full gives me the same value, but as SysAdmin I'm more interested in effects I'll get rather than underling technology. I'm not claming that every SysAdmin thinks the same, but please remember that writing (and releasing) software you become engage in communication with people who don't have your knowledge about the whole background and quite often don't have too much spare time to double check meaning of all works. So if I can ask the question. Is "Project Kronos", in terms of communication with potential users, about sending message: "You can have good API" or "you can have good Cloud Platform"?


A better use of peoples' energy might be to improve the documentation somewhat
That's true.


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