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Re: [Xen-API] XCP + RAID

On 23.12.2011 01:28, Scott Zupek wrote:
On 12/22/11 7:33 AM, George Shuklin wrote:

Anyway, I can say one thing: don't do this. Any lowlevel manipulation with 'fakeraid' and XCP will make you getting a nasty problems you will need to fix by yourself (without community help).

If you playing with XCP - turn 'raid' to 'hba' (sata ahci) in bios and use a single drive.
At this point I am trying to install Debian on a software raid but I can't get the darn thing to bootup. Raid has been turned off and all 4 SATA3 drives are set to ACHI mode.  Grub is a nightmare and apparently "mdm raid" software is the way to go. I have been trying to get this to work for a few days now.
If you wish to use XCP, no debian, sorry. XCP is shipped with very tight tuned OS inside and shall works with it only. If you are talking about xcp packages for ubuntu/debian - they are not ready for product environment.

If you wants to use this in product - think about proper hardware. nForce is NOT A SERVER solution.

I completely understand the nForce is NOT a server solution, but in all reality, this is 1 server hosting 3 or maybe 4 servers for my I.T. consulting company. I don't need top of the line performance so I don't need the 1000+ USD raid cards. nForce has yet to fail me and I am not runnign a data center, so those speed differences are negotiable. nForce is still a hardware solution, but moreso geared towards high end users/workstations.  Regardless I gave up on the hardware raid as that system board didn't support AM3+.  I understand that I am between a home user and a business class/enterprise user.  That's why I am trying to get Xen Hypervisor and XCP to work correctly. :)

nForce raid is not an 'hardware solution'. Spit to the eyes to guy who told you this. 'fake raid' is just changed PID/VID of device, to make it not working with default AHCI driver. A specially crafted windows driver recognize those PID/VID and do software raid, presenting to operating system a 'raid' device. But actually all work happens inside driver. So there is NO difference in performance of 'fake raid' and software raid (I do actually think that software raid will be faster).

But XCP does not support software raids. So you need to wipe completely content of drives and install XCP to clean system to the first disk (sda).

If you do really wants to use local disks as storage, and have redundancy you can create two SR later create two same size VDI and join them together as  raid1 in guest machine. (but this is kinda... weird).
PS XCP supports up to 32 cores, so 8 core shall works fine.

That is actually great to know.  Thank you.  It sounds like I'll have to get XCP to work with Xen Hypervisor running on top  Debian (with DOM0 kernel).  Since it's not as easy as the XCP ISO/Hypervisor, hopefully I can get it to a manageable state using XenCenter.  speaking of, is there a "better"/more unified management tool beyond XenCenter? I don't want management to be complicated, I am just curious.

Thank you for the help/responses.  This is all new techology(software wise) to me and I love learning as I go. I apologize if I am filling the mailing list with off topic material.  Since it all goes back to XCP-API I thought it might pertain.

Main management system for XCP is 'xe' command line. You need to have medium level of understanding XenAPI relations model to use it (see documentation for XenServer).

And please, don't mix xen+xend (xen- packages in may distro) and XCP. XCP use xen, but differ significantly from xapi (the core of XCP toolstack).
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