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[Xen-API] [kronos] [XCP] issues (pilot post)

Good day.

I've started to play with kronos (just to see how good works is).

I've post all I found as separate posts (just to make comments easy). All those is checked against ubuntu 11.10 x86_64 with actual binary packages:

ii xcp 1.3-12.1 Meta-package for the Xen Cloud Platform ii xcp-eliloader 0.1-3.1 XenAPI's bootloader for EL-based guests ii xcp-fe 0.5.2-3.1 Fork-and-exec daemon for xapi ii xcp-guest-templates 0.1-2.1 Guest templates for XCP ii xcp-squeezed 1.3-12.1 daemon in charge of memory ballooning for xen domains ii xcp-storage-managers 0.1-1.1 Storage backends for XenAPI ii xcp-v6d 1.3-12.1 feature daemon for xcp-xapi ii xcp-vncterm 0.1-1.1 Provides VNC service for XCP guest VMs ii xcp-xapi 1.3-12.1 XCP XenAPI server ii xcp-xe 1.3-12.1 command line utility for managing XCP hosts

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