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[Xen-API] [kronos] [XCP] [BUG] no dom0 uuid

Good day.

Summary: No dom0 uuid set. Commands related to dom0 is silently failed (f.e. vm-dynamic-mem-set). xenstore-read vm shows 00000-...-0000 as dom0 UUID.

Steps to reproduce:
a) set up xcp packets
b) reboot
c) issue command xenstore-read vm

dom0 uuid (as xe vm-list or inventory CONTROL_DOMAIN)


Source of bug:

When XCP appliance starts it contains specific script (/etc/init.d/xen-domain-uuid) which set dom0 uuid according to /etc/xensource-inventory. Current packaged xcp does not contain that script.

That script relies on /opt/xensource/bin/set-domain-uuid, wich is not shipped either. (AFAIK that script is very simple binding to xc.domain_sethandle, easy to implement in python).

Proposal: add xen-domain-uuid script to init.d or make this by xapi itself, during startup.

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