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Re: [Xen-API] XCP 1.1 DDK for OVS Build

On Wed, 25 Jan 2012, Ben Pfaff wrote:

brooks@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

I was able to hobble together an XCP 1.1 DDK VM based on the 5.6 SP2
DDK VM image.  Updating that VM to use the XCP 1.1 kernel wasn't too
difficult and once I got that completed recompiling OVS was easy.
What was worse was finding out that you guys bundled the OVS kernel
module into the kernel RPM itself.  So to get OVS 1.3 installed I had
to rip out the OVS code from the XCP 1.1 kernel.  The nice thing is
that I now have an XCP 1.1 DDK VM that can be used to update the
kernel, drivers, etc.  And I also have the ability to easily update
OVS if needed, now that it's kernel module component is built as a
separate RPM.

It doesn't make sense that you had to rip anything out.  The OVS
RPMs should override the modules shipped with XenServer.  We rely
on this routinely at Nicira.

Thank you. Honestly, I didn't try installing the 1.3 RPMs over the kernel installed OVS modules. Once I determined that Citrix bundled the module with the kernel RPM I didn't think the OVS kernel module RPM would replace/remove (it doesn't) or override them. It just seemed safer to remove it from the kernel altogether. I'll rebuild against the unmodified kernel and give it a try.

We should add a note about this to the BUILD document.

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