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Re: [Xen-API] [Openstack] nova-xcp-network plugin searching for a xapi0 interface

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> > Also, have you tried using DevStack first? It is a good way to get
> the hang of how the flags work.
> No it's not! DevStack is for testing with XenServer, and assumes that
> you'd be working with Ubuntu. Here, I'm testing the Debian packages
> that
> we are working on in Debian. Please don't direct me to DevStack, this
> wont help.

DevStack _will_ help, and that's why we keep telling you to go look there, and 
I have no idea why you keep refusing.  You don't have to run it, but it's 
up-to-date, and it's working, so it's a nice, clean, self-documenting example 
of at least one way that someone has managed to make this work.

If you have differences between your system and DevStack because of the 
differences between Debian and Ubuntu or XenServer and XCP, then fine.  If you 
have differences that you don't understand, then you're probably doing it 
wrong.  That's why we tell you, on a weekly basis, to go look at DevStack if 
you want to see how a flag should be set.

You can either do this the easy way, by following other people's working 
systems, or you can do it the hard way, by deep-diving into every single 
detail.  I'm fine if you want to do it the hard way -- you'll certainly learn a 
lot, and it's probably very interesting and useful knowledge for the future.  
Just don't keep complaining that it's all too hard and then refuse to take the 
easy option.


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