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Re: [Xen-API] XCP 1.5: Missing IOMMU- support

Johann wrote:
> Bios menus:
> I was wrong, the new bios (f13s) changed the menu item to
> "Virtualization Technology" rather than the older Smart Virtualization.
> The descriptive text is "When enabled, a VMM can utilize the additional
> hardware capabilities provided by virtualization technology" (is this
> text the only upgrade from f13 to f13s? ;-)

OK, that's VT-x (VMX) then. 

> I assume you can have VMX support without having full VT-d support? At
> least, this is what I will assume in my new request to Gigabyte.

Correct. VMX has been around for longer than VT-d. VMX is necessary to run HVM 
guests on Xen, but it only handles trapping certain privileged instructions. 
VT-d adds support for DMA remapping and protection necessary for HVM guests to 
utilise passed-through PCI hardware devices. Without VT-d you can still run HVM 
guests with VMX but you won't be able to pass through PCI devices to them, 
you'll have to use paravirtualised I/O.


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