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Re: [Xen-API] Post upgrade to xcp 1.5 some VM's "Boot Device: Hard drive - failure: could not read boot disk"

Hi George,
        I was dead wrong about the VM's being PV. Once I cleared the HVM params 
and set the PV options I am able to start the wayward VM's.

        That said, how do I figure out what went wrong and why some VM's (HVM) 
are bootable? Do I just need to reinstall the bootloader on the HVM images to 
repair them?

        Thanks again for all the help!

On Sep 5, 2012, at 3:51 PM, George Shuklin wrote:

> 1) PV-bootloader should be "" (empty string). To fix back - 'pygrub', but to 
> use external kernels - empty.
> 2) Here sample of settings for VM with external kernel:
>               HVM-boot-policy ( RW):
>               HVM-boot-params (MRW):
>         HVM-shadow-multiplier ( RW): 1.000
>                     PV-kernel ( RW): /boot/guest/64/vmlinux-2.6.34-12-xen.gz
>                    PV-ramdisk ( RW): /boot/guest/64/initrd-2.6.34-12-xen
>                       PV-args ( RW): CPUFREQ=no root=/dev/xvda1 console=xvc0
>                PV-legacy-args ( RW):
>                 PV-bootloader ( RW):
>            PV-bootloader-args ( RW):
> ... And you need to put those files manually, of cause.
> PS If you using multihost pool, use xe vm-start uuid=.... on=hostname to 
> start vm on host with kernels in /boot/guest.
> On 05.09.2012 23:47, Nathanial Byrnes wrote:
>> I've tried the PV-* options below and am surprised to find no change in 
>> behavior. Is there some place in the dom0 logs I should see references to 
>> the dom0 provided kernel and initrd being loaded or provided to the guest? 
>> (I've tried with no path, /boot/guest and no change....)
>> On Sep 5, 2012, at 11:43 AM, George Shuklin wrote:
>>> Okay, I don't know anything about HVM, but PV is much more interesting.
>>> You need to check if vm is running or not (is that message from virtual 
>>> machine or from some component of xapi).
>>> There is one dirty but very nice way:
>>> xe vm-start vm=... on host=(here); /etc/init.d/xapi stop
>>> after that dying domain will stay in list_domains with -d- status.
>>> If not, that means domain dying instantly or do not start at all.
>>> Other trick is to try to boot with external kernel (PV-bootloader="", 
>>> PV-kernel=..., PV-ramdisk=..., and kernel/ramdisk somewhere in /boot/guest 
>>> in dom0).
>>> 05.09.2012 18:13, Nathanial Byrnes ÐÐÑÐÑ:
>>>> These are PV guests. The appropriate VBD (in some cases (that work) there 
>>>> are more than one VBD) is set to bootable. The HVM-boot-{policy,params} 
>>>> are the same for working and non-working pv domU's for what it's worth.
>>>>    Thanks,
>>>>    Nate
>>>> On Sep 5, 2012, at 10:00 AM, George Shuklin wrote:
>>>>> Your are talking about HVM or PV guests?
>>>>> Not sure if this somehow related to that problem, but here some vm/vbd 
>>>>> attributes to play with:
>>>>> vbd:
>>>>> bootable=true/false
>>>>> vm:
>>>>> HVM-boot-policy (separate PV from HVM)
>>>>> HVM-boot-params
>>>>> 05.09.2012 16:37, Nathanial Byrnes ÐÐÑÐÑ:
>>>>>> Hello,
>>>>>>  I have recently done a number of bad things to my XCP 1.0 environment. 
>>>>>> I believed most of them sorted. Then I upgraded from XCP 1.0 to 1.5 by 
>>>>>> way of 1.1. The bad things involved moving the shared storage backend 
>>>>>> from NFS to Glusterfs, monkeying with the SR and its PBD's, losing all 
>>>>>> the vm vbd's in the process having to manually find and remap the VDI's 
>>>>>> to the correct VM. Once I survived all of that self induced 
>>>>>> unpleasantness, I decided to upgrade to 1.5.... (obviously a genius 
>>>>>> behind this keyboard) After the upgrade some VM's boot and run as 
>>>>>> before, but others attempt to boot, then the console shows the subject 
>>>>>> message and shut down after 30 seconds. Please note that the functioning 
>>>>>> VM's are from the name SR/PBD as the non-functioning ones. Also, I can 
>>>>>> attach the non-booting vdi's to Dom0 and mount/fdisk them without issue. 
>>>>>> My question is: how do I further interrogate / investigate this boot 
>>>>>> process failure and success to ID the source of the issue?
>>>>>>  Thanks very much in advance.
>>>>>>  Regards,
>>>>>>  Nate
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